Choose one best possible answer from the following:

Which of the followings is the latest operating system offered by Microsoft?

1.       Windows XP

2.       Windows 7

3.       Windows Vista

4.       Windows server 2008

What MS-DOS command can display hidden files?

1.       Attrib

2.       LS

3.       CD

4.       More

What is the transfer rate of USB 2.0?

1.       12 Mbps

2.       64 Mbps

3.       256 Mbps

4.       480 Mbps

Who Created the first mouse?

1.       Bill Gates

2.       Douglas Englebart

3.       John Mauchly

4.       Robert Noyce

Which of the below is not a type of computer memory?

1.       RIMM

2.       MIMM

3.       DIMM

4.       SIMM

Which part of the computer does an IDE cable connect to?

1.       Floppy Drive

2.       Hard Disk Drive

3.       Sound Card

4.       Video Card

What is meant by IP?

1.       Identification Protocol

2.       International Programming

3.       Information of Pentium

4.       None of these

Answer the following questions briefly:

1.      How much disk space does a standard CD hold?

____________A standard CD holds 650 MB of disk space ________________________________

2.      What do you know about Microsoft? Write at least three sentences

__________Microsoft is a Multinational Corporation headquartered in Redmond, Washington. It is basically

a Computing Solution providing Company. The most famous product of Microsoft is Windows Operating System

 which is being used 72% on the Client computers internationally.____________________________________

3.      Write down five uses of internet:

________Five uses of internet are:           1.      Data Transfer.          2.     Information Sharing

 3.      Emailing.                                               4.     Entertainment.          5.     Fastest Communication.

4.      Name at least five Operating Systems.

__________Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 __________________



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Do you use internet for help in your homework / assignment?

Do you have internet and computer at home?

Internet is a good thing for teenagers and students?

Teachers play an important positive role in moral building of the young generation

Education should be provided over the internet in Pakistan