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Survey Results !

Survey #001 November 2010 High Lights

        The survey was conducted at SSC Level among 60 students and two institutes. Society Public School and Professors Academy Co-operated with us and we were able to get better understanding of the young genration and where is IT education standing in Pakistan these days at SSC level. We are very thankfull to both the iinstitues Society Public School and Professors Academy for their Cooperation and appreciate their Sincerity and Love for Pakistan and its Betterment.

           Our program was to conduct the survey among 300 Students and 6 Schools but Unfortunately several schools doesent showed any intrest in this survey and were unwilling for their students to appear in the survey.

  1. Naveed Foundation School
  2. Ala-ud-Din-Academy
  3. Honors Kinder Garten School Bagbanpura
  4. Laurel Grammar School LinkRoad Lahore
These institues their administration don't want the betterment of young generation and indirectly don't want the betterment of Pakistan. Due to peoples like these Pakistan instead of coming in front to compete with the modern world is going backward towards the dark ages! and it is our Shared view that intitues like these intitutes are the cause of low literacy rate in Pakistan. Also We are Very gratefull for those Institutes and Students who Participated in This Survey.


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